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South Africa

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Haaretz: Nelson Mandela received training from the Mossad

Israel secretly trained anti-apartheid activists in 'judo, sabotage and weaponry,' including Nelson Mandela himself.

South African Communist Party confirmed that Nelson Mandela was a member and part of the Central Executive Committee

Former president Nelson Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party’s (SACP’s) central executive committee at the time of his arrest in 1962, the SACP and the African National Congress (ANC). Even though it had always been denied, the ANC and the SACP confirmed that Mr Mandela had served on the party’s central executive committee in their statements paying tribute to the antiapartheid icon.

Nelson Mandela's true legacy: a failing nation and genocide of the Afrikaners

Nelson Mandela is dead, and South Africa without “Madiba” will be much the same as it was before: a wreck of a country with slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the slow-motion genocide of Afrikaners.

You do not want a Winnie Mandela necklace

Dr. Peter Hammond reviews the horrific crimes committed by Winnie Mandela and her followers, including the infamous "necklace".

White Afrikaner group fears genocide upon Mandela’s death

A section of the white population in South Africa is preparing for the worst scenario in case aging former South African President Nelson Mandela passes away. The national evacuation plan over possible genocide was drafted almost a decade ago.

Is Nelson Mandela a role model or criminal?

This video explores Nelson Mandela's real past.

Dan Roodt on the Mythological Nelson Mandela Promoted by the News Media

Mandela is that ultimate postmodern illusion: a fable, a South African simulation. Mandela sprung from a rural African village in the Eastern Cape, the most backward of South African provinces where the age-old African cattle culture is still being perpetuated and where subsistence farmers eke out a living on small patches of land controlled by their chief. From these primitive, rural surroundings Mandela was plucked to be put into global circulation, on gold coins and – more recently – even on our banknotes.

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