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False Narratives

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Study: Mass Shootings Are Not on the Rise in the United States

Mass shootings have not increased in number or death toll in the past several decades.

The hate crime hoaxes of 2013

A list of the "hate crimes" popularized by the media that later turned about to be hoaxes in 2013.

98% of Network News Stories Ignored That Ice-bound Ship Was On Global Warming Mission

A group of scientists on a mission to find evidence of global warming had to be rescued when their ship was stranded in Antarctica due to an abnormal amount of ice in the area. Nearly 98% of network news reports about the stranded researchers failed to mention their mission at all.

37 Reasons Why "The Economic Recovery Of 2013" Is a Lie

It was announced that the unemployment rate has fallen to "7 percent", and the mainstream media responded with a mix of euphoria and jubilation. For example, one USA Today article declared that "with today's jobs report, one really can say that our long national post-financial crisis nightmare is over." But is that actually the truth?

The false narrative behind 12 Years a Slave

The message behind the ongoing enshrinement of the rather amateurish 12 Years a Slave is that the cultural whippings of white folk for the sins of their great-great-great-great-grandfathers will continue until morale improves.

Mainstream media ignores the ugly end of Duke Lacrosse story

Crystal Mangum, the black woman who made false rape allegations against three white lacrosse players at Duke University and caused a national tsunami of media sensation has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend. This story was ignored by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, USA Today, and The Washington Post.

Dan Roodt on the Mythological Nelson Mandela Promoted by the News Media

Mandela is that ultimate postmodern illusion: a fable, a South African simulation. Mandela sprung from a rural African village in the Eastern Cape, the most backward of South African provinces where the age-old African cattle culture is still being perpetuated and where subsistence farmers eke out a living on small patches of land controlled by their chief. From these primitive, rural surroundings Mandela was plucked to be put into global circulation, on gold coins and – more recently – even on our banknotes.

Add Boston Marathon Bombing to Pile of Failed Eliminationist Narratives

It started with Bill Sparkman, the part-time Census worker who went missing and then was found dead, setting off an avalanche of mainstream media and left-blogosphere accusations that he was the victim of anti-government “right-wing” hate. It turned out that Sparkman killed himself, but there were few if any apologies coming.

Peter Schiff demolishes the media narrative that Janet Yellen warned about the housing bubble - Part 2

According to Yellen, highly leveraged, real estate speculation was evidence that there was no housing bubble! That the very products that helped fuel the housing bubble and exacerbate the financial crisis proved that there was nothing to worry about!

Peter Schiff demolishes the media narrative that Janet Yellen warned about the housing bubble

When President Obama nominated Janet Yellen to be the next Chair of the Federal Reserve Board the praise he offered was similar to what had already poured in from around the country. In their assessments of Ms. Yellen's long career, Congressman, editors, and academics have underscored how her prescience and caution distinguish her from the reckless overconfidence that have plagued her male colleagues at the Federal Reserve.

Bill Whittle on "The Narrative" and the Origins of Political Correctness

In this video Bill Whittle explains the politically correct narrative, the history of the Frankfurt School and the origins of political correctness.

Pope Francis and Media Narratives

The problem with the narrative devised by the secular press is that it is constructed on philosophical presuppositions of which the journalists themselves are probably ignorant. The modern secular world interprets world events and history according to a hermeneutic of revolution or what Pope Benedict called a hermeneutic of rupture. This is essentially a Hegelian understanding of history in which there is thesis, antithesis and synthesis. In other words, there is a status quo, there is the challenge to the status quo and this brings about conflict out of which a new order is born.

The Matthew Shepard False Narrative

According to a new book by investigative journalist Stephen Jiminez, almost everything you think you know about the Matthew Shepard narrative is false.

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