Factwalk: Racial Preferenceshttp://www.factwalk.com/racial_preferencesFacts, information and statistics on Racial Preferences.Obama Administration is Pursuing "Disparate Impact" Policies and Creating a Racial-Preferences Juggernauthttp://www.factwalk.com/1176His remedy short of new affirmative-action legislation is to sue financial companies, schools and employers based on "disparate impact" complaints a stealthy way to achieve racial preferences, opposed 2 to 1 by Americans. Under this broad interpretation of civil-rights law, virtually any organization can be held liable for race bias if it maintains a policy that negatively impacts one racial group more than another even if it has no racist motive and applies the policy evenly across all groups.2013-09-05 23:27:16HUD's New 'Fair Housing' Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.http://www.factwalk.com/1181According to HUD, long-term solutions include "helping people gain access to different neighborhoods and channeling investments into under-served areas." The mapping tool may guide development and zoning decisions, for example.2013-09-06 00:50:24Education Department Using Civil Rights Law to Get More Black Students Into AP Classeshttp://www.factwalk.com/1229African-American high school students were underrepresented in AP and higher level courses, including in all higher level mathematics courses, particularly in calculus and statistics courses.2013-09-11 23:27:44New "disparate impact" home-lending regulation will wreak havoc in credit marketshttp://www.factwalk.com/1253"Virtually every lender in the United States could be sued for using non-discriminatory credit standards simply because variations in economic and credit characteristics produce different credit outcomes among racial and ethnic groups."2013-09-20 21:47:20