Factwalkhttp://www.factwalk.com/Factwalk is a site for sharing facts and information on important topics.Interview with Thomas Sowell on the Conflict of Visionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1004Sowell describes the critical differences between interests and visions. Interests, he says, are articulated by people who know what their interests are and what they want to do about them. Visions, however, are the implicit assumptions by which people operate. In politics, visions are either constrained or unconstrained. A closer look at the statements of both McCain and Obama reveals which vision motivates their policy positions, particularly as they pertain to the war, the law, and economics.2013-07-05 05:09:13Bill Whittle on the Constrained Versus the Unconstrained Visionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1005Before you can build a political house, you have to know what materials you have on hand. In Part 1 of The Battle of Big Ideas, Bill looks at the two visions of Mankind that Thomas Sowell has labeled "Constrained" and "Unconstrained," and the examples of their twin Revolutions: the Constrained American Revolution and the Unconstrained French Revolution.2013-07-05 05:09:36Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Battleshttp://www.factwalk.com/1011Improve your economic literacy by watching two of history's greatest economists rap.2013-07-06 02:14:42Story of Broke, The Critiquehttp://www.factwalk.com/1015Lee Doren's critique of the popular "Story of Broke" video.2013-07-06 02:16:43Story of Stuff, The Critiquehttp://www.factwalk.com/1016Lee Doren's critique of "The Story of Stuff.2013-07-06 02:15:24The Virtual Presidencyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1027Created by Bill Whittle, the Virtual Presidency is a rhetorical device used to introduce common sense into modern American politics.2013-12-08 06:31:48Bar Stool Economics and How Taxes Workhttp://www.factwalk.com/1030Lee Doren explains bar stool economics.2013-07-06 02:14:32Story of Cosmetics, The Critiquehttp://www.factwalk.com/1033Lee Doren's critique of the popular "Story of Cosmetics" video.2013-07-06 02:17:12Dangerous offenders, drunk drivers among the more than 2,000 illegal immigrants released by ICE in February and March 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1043The director of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, John Morton, said his agency had released 2,228 illegal immigrants for what he called "solely budgetary reasons."2013-09-07 21:25:24DOJ Civil Rights Division has systemic problems with racialist dysfunctionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1045The Department of Justice inspector general released a report on potential Labor secretary nominee Tom Perez’s DOJ Civil Rights Division. The timing of the release to coincide with his nomination was certainly accidental, because the report paints a damning portrait of the DOJ unit he managed.2013-07-14 02:25:15Only 30% of Americans trust the federal governmenthttp://www.factwalk.com/1048For the past seven years, a period covering the final two years of the Bush administration and President Obama’s first term, no more than about three-in-ten Americans have said they trust the federal government to do the right thing always or most of the time.2013-07-06 22:30:06Over 1,000 new immigrant students enter Miami-Dade schools each month, costing over $22 million a year.http://www.factwalk.com/1049The district pays $22 million each year to educate new students who come to South Florida from other countries and enroll in K-12 classes. The report says close to 1,000 new immigrant students enter Miami-Dade classes on average each month — totaling about 11,000 a year — costing about $2,000 more per student than those who come from South Florida and don’t require additional language services.2013-09-12 20:33:38H1B Visa Program is not Attracting the Best and Brightest According to Studyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1051The technology industry, in lobbying Congress for expansion of programs to attract skilled foreign workers, has long claimed that foreign students graduating from U.S. universities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are typically “the best and the brightest,” i.e., exceptionally talented innovators in their fields. However, the industry and its supporters have offered little or no evidence to back up their assertion.2013-07-06 21:38:58Bill Whittle's "What We Believe" Video Serieshttp://www.factwalk.com/1060This video series by Bill Whittle is a concise explanation of modern mainstream conservative principles.2013-12-08 06:31:18Death of a Civilization, by David Deminghttp://www.factwalk.com/1071Western Civilization is coasting on an impetus provided by our ancestors. There is scarcely anyone alive in Europe or America today who believes in the superiority of Western society. Guilt and shame hang around our necks like millstones, dragging our emasculated culture to the verge of self-immolation.2013-07-06 02:32:42Pat Caddell: Media Have Become an "Enemy of the American people"http://www.factwalk.com/1074"I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy or not. You know, when I first started in politics – and for a long time before that – everyone on both sides, Democrats and Republicans, despised the press commonly, because they were SOBs to everybody. Which is exactly what they should be. They were unrelenting. Whatever the biases were, they were essentially equal-opportunity people."2013-07-05 05:10:02How Farmers Became Slaves to the Corporate Mastershttp://www.factwalk.com/1076Divided We Stand is an expose of the domination of the corporations in America over the people of America and, in particular, the people of the South and West. The professor presents evidence to support the idea that America is composed of three distinct regions, with differing cultures and the controlling corporate interests were primarily in the Northern Region. These interests were pulling the wealth out of the other regions.2013-09-12 00:08:36Immigration Lobbies Spent $1.5 Billion Since 2007http://www.factwalk.com/1096A loose alliance of business and political groups has spent almost $1.5 billion since late 2007 to rewrite the nation’s immigration law according to a new report. The flood of money hired 3,136 lobbyists at 678 lobbying groups to pass one or more of 987 small or large bills, said the March 25 report from the Sunlight Foundation.2013-07-06 04:17:36Three ways to think about intellectual propertyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1099The Stop Online Piracy Act created a stir in the United States about intellectual property and how it should be understood. Attempts to shut down the peer-to-peer music-sharing website Pirate Bay in Europe led to the creation of a new political party, the Pirate Party, which has had some surprising electoral success. The debates over SOPA and Pirate Bay have brought intellectual property into the spotlight. How should we define intellectual property? What are the implications of the different possible definitions? How will the debate end?2013-09-06 02:47:49Blast From the Future on the Crash of 2015http://www.factwalk.com/1100In this speculative fiction, Peter J. Tanous writes from 2016.2013-07-06 02:15:46An illegal immigrant with two previous DUI convictions and no license was sentenced to only nine months in jail for killing a motorcyclisthttp://www.factwalk.com/1101Durden, 30, was killed July 12, when Tzun, 32, who had two drunken driving convictions but was not drinking that day, made a left turn in front of Durden’s motorcycle on Pigeon Pass Road in Moreno Valley. Durden, who once was honored as Moreno Valley’s volunteer of the year and hoped to become a pilot for the Sheriff’s Department, died at the scene.2013-09-07 21:24:29New California Taxes Will Likely Pay for Pensionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1106The state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office has announced that the California State Teachers’ Retirement System requires an extra $4.5 billion a year for 30 years -- $135 billion -- to cover its unfunded liability for teacher pensions and that the money will have to come from some combination of school districts and the state. To the extent that it comes from the school districts, $4.5 billion a year is 167 percent of the annual amount those districts expected from the tax increase. To the extent that it comes from the state, $4.5 billion is more than 100 percent of the annual amount it expected in new revenue.2013-07-06 02:31:09Ron Unz: Our American Pravdahttp://www.factwalk.com/1113"The realization that the world is often quite different from what is presented in our leading newspapers and magazines is not an easy conclusion for most educated Americans to accept, or at least that was true in my own case. For decades, I have closely read the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and one or two other major newspapers every morning, supplemented by a wide variety of weekly or monthly opinion magazines. Their biases in certain areas had always been apparent to me. But I felt confident that by comparing and contrasting the claims of these different publications and applying some common sense, I could obtain a reasonably accurate version of reality. I was mistaken."2013-09-11 23:19:33Dan Roodt on the Mythological Nelson Mandela Promoted by the News Mediahttp://www.factwalk.com/1125Mandela is that ultimate postmodern illusion: a fable, a South African simulation. Mandela sprung from a rural African village in the Eastern Cape, the most backward of South African provinces where the age-old African cattle culture is still being perpetuated and where subsistence farmers eke out a living on small patches of land controlled by their chief. From these primitive, rural surroundings Mandela was plucked to be put into global circulation, on gold coins and – more recently – even on our banknotes.2013-07-06 02:30:11California's population grew by 10 million, tax filers paying income taxes rose by just 150,000, Medicaid users grew by seven millionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1126California's rising standards of living and outstanding public schools and universities once attracted millions seeking upward economic mobility. But then something went radically wrong as California legislatures and governors built a welfare state on high tax rates, liberal entitlement benefits, and excessive regulation. The results, though predictable, are nonetheless striking. From the mid-1980s to 2005, California's population grew by 10 million, while Medicaid recipients soared by seven million; tax filers paying income taxes rose by just 150,000; and the prison population swelled by 115,000.2013-07-06 02:38:11Immigrants account for all job gains since 2000, native-born workers’ employment has fallenhttp://www.factwalk.com/1127Immigrants — both legal and illegal — have accounted for all of the job gains in the U.S. labor market since 2000, according to a report that highlights the stiff competition for jobs in a tight economy as Congress debates adding more workers to the mix.2013-07-06 02:50:11Emails Show Justice Department Worked With Media Matters to Spin Storieshttp://www.factwalk.com/1128Dozens of pages of emails between DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers show Schmaler, Holder’s top press defender, working with Media Matters to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals. TheDC obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request.2013-07-06 03:13:59Senate Immigration Bill will be a Disaster for Black Workershttp://www.factwalk.com/1129The bill is structured so that most of the immigrants will be low-skilled. These immigrants will compete with Americans in the low-skilled labor markets. The competition is most fierce in some of the industries in which blacks historically have been highly concentrated, such as construction, agriculture and service. Since the supply of low-skilled workers already exceeds the demand, the massive influx in low-skilled immigrants bodes ill for all such workers, but particularly black males.2013-07-06 03:32:19Bill Whittle on "The Narrative" and the Origins of Political Correctnesshttp://www.factwalk.com/1130In this video Bill Whittle explains the politically correct narrative, the history of the Frankfurt School and the origins of political correctness.2013-07-06 04:06:27Asian Americans Are Now the Most Educated and Highest Income Racial Group in Americahttp://www.factwalk.com/1132Asian Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States. They are more satisfied than the general public with their lives, finances and the direction of the country, and they place more value than other Americans do on marriage, parenthood, hard work and career success, according to a comprehensive new nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center.2013-07-06 21:28:22There Were More Deaths than Births Among White Americans in 2012http://www.factwalk.com/1133The USA's largest population group — whites who are not Hispanic — recorded more deaths than births last year for the first time ever, according to an analysis of Census Bureau estimates. The milestone reflects the aging of the white population and lower birth rates than those among minorities.2013-07-06 21:35:03Wealthy Liberal Donors Push Immigration Reformhttp://www.factwalk.com/1134An influential network of some of the country's wealthiest liberal political donors is steering resources to an advocacy group backing President Obama's agenda and to organizations working to pass immigration reform, providing a surge of money that could boost the president's legislative goals.2013-07-06 21:39:37Whites now Account for Less than Half of Births in the UShttp://www.factwalk.com/1135Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 49.6 percent of all births in the 12-month period that ended last July, according to Census Bureau data, while minorities — including Hispanics, blacks, Asians and those of mixed race — reached 50.4 percent, representing a majority for the first time in the country’s history.2013-07-06 21:50:41Ed Driscoll: Studying the Washington Post Kremlinologist-Stylehttp://www.factwalk.com/1136During the Cold War, back when Russian spies typically looked far more like Boris than Natasha, not to mention Anna Chapman, the phrase “Kremlinologist” came into vogue to describe those men who could study photos and snippets of information emerging from behind the Iron Curtain and attempt to determine the current health of the Soviet Union, and who was running the show. So let’s employ a little Kremlinology to try and ascertain the health of the Washington Post.2013-07-06 22:14:51Americans' Confidence in Congress Falls to Lowest on Recordhttp://www.factwalk.com/1137Americans' confidence in Congress is not only at its lowest point on record, but also is the worst Gallup has ever found for any institution it has measured since 1973. This low level of confidence is in line with Americans' low job approval of Congress, which has also been stuck below 30% for years.2013-07-06 22:35:5660% of Americans Have Little or No Trust in the Mediahttp://www.factwalk.com/1138Americans' distrust in the media hit a new high this year, with 60% saying they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. Distrust is up from the past few years, when Americans were already more negative about the media than they had been in years prior to 2004.2013-07-06 22:42:23Mark Zuckerberg's FWD.us "Greasing Both Sides of the Isles" to Push Immigration Reformhttp://www.factwalk.com/1139If you want to get a feel for how American politics really works, as opposed to the way they tell you it works, look no further than what's going on behind the scenes at the new political action group started by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and dozens of other Silicon Valley tech leaders.2013-07-06 22:52:28Victor Davis Hanson: Popular Culture is the Glue Holding America Togetherhttp://www.factwalk.com/1143As in Rome, there is a vast disconnect between the elites and the people. Almost half of Americans receive some sort of public assistance, and almost half pay no federal income tax. About one-seventh of Americans are on food stamps. Yet housing prices in elite enclaves — Manhattan, Cambridge, Santa Monica, Palo Alto — are soaring. The wealthy like to cocoon themselves in Roman-like villas, safe from the real-life ramifications of their own utopian ideology2013-07-14 01:25:23Spanish Language Broadcasters Eye English Ad Budgetshttp://www.factwalk.com/1144“You can’t ignore this anymore. You’re on the wrong side of history if you do.”2013-07-14 01:42:16GlobalPost: Inside the United States (Parody)http://www.factwalk.com/1146In this parody article Peter Gelling satirizes the language journalists use to cover foreign counties.2013-07-14 02:06:01The Evangelical Immigration Table is a Front Group for the Left-wing National Immigration Forumhttp://www.factwalk.com/1147The National Immigration Forum (NIF), the force behind the so-called “Evangelical Immigration Table” (EIT), is actually a front group for players on the institutional left including billionaire George Soros and the Ford Foundation, according to reporting by Breitbart News and other outlets.2013-07-14 04:00:51Jewish Groups Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reformhttp://www.factwalk.com/1148“It’s the ethical thing to do,” said HIAS president and CEO Mark Hetfield, of the community’s immigration reform activism. But he quickly added, “It’s in our strategic interest.”2013-07-14 04:28:2771% of Americans Said the Founding Fathers Would be Ashamed of What America has Becomehttp://www.factwalk.com/1149Gallup asked respondents in two June telephone surveys of first, 1,529 adults and then, of 2,048 adults: “Overall, do you think the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be pleased or disappointed by the way the United States has turned out?”2013-07-14 04:42:04Rocking Philosophy Videos on Cultural Marxismhttp://www.factwalk.com/1152Is Cultural Marxism a conspiracy theory or a valid explanation for modern political correctness?2013-07-14 05:14:36News Media Overestimated Number of Hispanic Voters in 2012 Election by 19%http://www.factwalk.com/1154According to the Census Bureau, Latinos made up only 8.4% of voters; not the 10% hyped by the media. There was actually less turnout by Latino voters than in the 2004 and 2008 elections.2013-07-14 07:06:04Silicon Valley's Immigration Agenda is Hurting Middle Class IT Workershttp://www.factwalk.com/1155The tech community is anything but united on the issue of immigration. And the push for new reforms has highlighted the divide between Silicon Valley elite who want access to talent and middle class American IT workers who feel threatened by foreign competition.2013-07-14 07:18:20John Nolte: Timeline of Media Bias in Trayvon Martin Casehttp://www.factwalk.com/1156By hook and crook the mainstream media did everything in its still-potent power to not only push for the prosecution of Mr. Zimmerman (the police originally chose not to charge him) but also to gin up racial tensions where none needed to exist.2013-09-06 19:04:24Bill Whittle: The Truth is Out Therehttp://www.factwalk.com/1157Bill Whittle video on objective truth and the media.2013-07-15 02:07:28Mediaite: News Media and Politicians Now One Big Incestuous Circlehttp://www.factwalk.com/1158These days, there’s 24/7 cable news and a rocketing number of online newscasts. In the ’70s, there was one nightly newscast that lasted 30 minutes. Today, there are approximately 15 hours (MSNBC) to 17 hours (Fox News) of original programming to choose from on a given weekday. And with that many hours comes plenty of opportunity to host a show, join a panel or serve as a guest/contributor.2013-07-15 02:15:49Victor Davis Hanson: The Great California Land Rushhttp://www.factwalk.com/1159California is both more poorly managed than any time in its past, more divided between rich and poor, more fragmented by opportunistic ethnic identity politics, more impoverished by massive illegal immigration — and never more naturally wealthy. The other day I drove through the verdant Central Valley on Manning Avenue. Each acre I zoomed by is producing thousands of dollars in global profits. At I-5, I looked out at fracking country, before descending into the land of Facebook, Google, and Apple — all on mostly poor roads, with terrible drivers and third-world public rest stops, and now and then passing inferior schools.2013-07-15 02:40:11Paul Moreno: How Public Employee Unions Became So Powerfulhttp://www.factwalk.com/1160FDR pointed out the obvious, that the government is sovereign. If an organization can compel the government to do something, then that organization will be the real sovereign. Thus the National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act of 1935 gave private-sector unions the power to compel employers to bargain, but the act excluded government workers. It declared that federal and state and local governments were not "employers" under its terms.2013-07-15 03:16:55T.A. Frank: Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Billhttp://www.factwalk.com/1161Most of America’s college-educated elites are little affected by illegal immigration. In fact, it’s often a benefit to us in terms of childcare, household help, dinners out, and other staples of upper-middle-class life. Many therefore view the problem as akin, in severity, to marijuana use—common but benign, helpful to the immigrants and minimal in its effects on Americans or anyone else. I know, because it used to be my own view.2013-07-15 03:49:32Future of Texas Looks Bleak Unless Demographic Trends Changehttp://www.factwalk.com/1163Unless the trend line changes, 30 percent of the state’s labor force will not have even a high school diploma by 2040, he said. And the average household income will be about $6,500 lower than it was in 2000. That figure is not inflation adjusted so it will be worse than what it sounds.2013-07-15 04:05:46U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Government Produced News Can Now be Broadcast to Americanshttp://www.factwalk.com/1164For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government's mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in January. The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption in a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts.2013-07-15 04:28:54Alasdair MacIntyre: Have we Reached a Turning Point?http://www.factwalk.com/1165A crucial turning point in that earlier history occurred when men and women of good will turned aside from the task of shoring up the Roman imperium and ceased to identify the continuation of civility and moral community with the maintenance of that imperium. What they set themselves to achieve instead…was the construction of new forms of community within which the moral life could be sustained so that both morality and civility might survive the coming ages of barbarism and darkness.2013-07-15 04:55:14Pope Francis and Media Narrativeshttp://www.factwalk.com/1166The problem with the narrative devised by the secular press is that it is constructed on philosophical presuppositions of which the journalists themselves are probably ignorant. The modern secular world interprets world events and history according to a hermeneutic of revolution or what Pope Benedict called a hermeneutic of rupture. This is essentially a Hegelian understanding of history in which there is thesis, antithesis and synthesis. In other words, there is a status quo, there is the challenge to the status quo and this brings about conflict out of which a new order is born.2013-07-15 05:18:58Rod Dreher: Story Lines, Not Party Lineshttp://www.factwalk.com/1168Argument has its place, but story is what truly moves the hearts and minds of men. The power of myth—which is to say, of storytelling—is the power to form and enlighten the moral imagination, which is how we learn right from wrong, the proper ordering of our souls, and what it means to be human.2013-07-15 05:43:10Der Spiegel: American Media's Personal Attacks Make Snowden Revelations an Aftertoughthttp://www.factwalk.com/1169The Guardian is becoming a competitive threat for American media outlets. The first Snowden video interview received almost seven million clicks on the newspaper's US website. "They set the US news agenda today," Associated Press star reporter Matt Apuzzo tweeted enviously. Why? Janine Gibson, the Guardian's American chief, told the Huffington Post that their competition has a "lack of skepticism on a whole" when it comes to national security. Critical scrutiny, she said, has been considered "unpatriotic" since 9/11.2013-07-15 21:56:40Jeff Cohen: MSNBC often seems closer to the "official network of the Obama White House" than anything resembling an independent channelhttp://www.factwalk.com/1170With Obama in power, a number of MSNBC talking heads have reacted to the Snowden disclosures like Fox News hosts did when they were in hysterical damage control mode for Bush - complete with ridiculously fact-free claims and national chauvinism that we've long come to expect from the "fair & balanced" channel.2013-07-15 22:10:00John Hinderaker: Why Immigration Reform Will Make Americans Poorerhttp://www.factwalk.com/1171The claim is that aggregate GDP will be 5% higher in 20 years than otherwise, equal to $1.4 trillion in constant dollars. By simple algebra that means they are assuming a status quo future GDP of $28 trillion and therefore an immigration-enhanced GDP of $29.4 trillion. But wait! What about GDP per capita, the only meaningful measure of economic growth for the populace? Well…population will increase from today’s 315 million to about 378 million under the current immigration and population levels, and to about 410 million with the new immigration regime, conservatively estimated. Simple arithmetic demonstrates that future GDP per capita without the new immigration levels is $74,000, whereas with increased immigration it is $71,700.2013-07-15 22:44:14Rick Henderson's Brief Introduction to the Conflict of Visionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1172In this video Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal managing editor, gives a brief explanation of the conflict of visions.2013-07-16 01:00:35Thomas Sowell Video on the Quest for Cosmic Justicehttp://www.factwalk.com/1173Thomas Sowell video on the two conflicting visions of justice.2013-07-16 01:23:51Obama Administration is Pursuing "Disparate Impact" Policies and Creating a Racial-Preferences Juggernauthttp://www.factwalk.com/1176His remedy — short of new affirmative-action legislation — is to sue financial companies, schools and employers based on "disparate impact" complaints — a stealthy way to achieve racial preferences, opposed 2 to 1 by Americans. Under this broad interpretation of civil-rights law, virtually any organization can be held liable for race bias if it maintains a policy that negatively impacts one racial group more than another — even if it has no racist motive and applies the policy evenly across all groups.2013-09-05 23:27:16Democratic Donors Are Setting Their Sights on Texashttp://www.factwalk.com/1177Big Democratic donors are setting their sights on Texas amid expectations that it might be up for grabs as early as the 2016 US presidential election because of its rapidly changing demographics, potentially creating a Texas-sized problem for the Republican party.2013-09-05 23:41:18Add Boston Marathon Bombing to Pile of Failed Eliminationist Narrativeshttp://www.factwalk.com/1178It started with Bill Sparkman, the part-time Census worker who went missing and then was found dead, setting off an avalanche of mainstream media and left-blogosphere accusations that he was the victim of anti-government “right-wing” hate. It turned out that Sparkman killed himself, but there were few if any apologies coming.2013-09-06 00:08:01Report Details Nepotism in Congresshttp://www.factwalk.com/1179This report marks the first-ever complete study of how members of the House of Representatives use their positions to benefit themselves and their families. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) undertook a similar study in 2007, but it was not all-inclusive. Expanding on our earlier work, for this 2012 edition we reviewed every sitting member of the House.2013-09-06 00:35:20HUD's New 'Fair Housing' Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.http://www.factwalk.com/1181According to HUD, long-term solutions include "helping people gain access to different neighborhoods and channeling investments into under-served areas." The mapping tool may guide development and zoning decisions, for example.2013-09-06 00:50:24Most of the thinking that Syria’s rebellion is moderate comes from a single biased sourcehttp://www.factwalk.com/1183Both Sen. John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry have publicly cited that source, and if you’ve been watching cable news this week you’ve seen that source. Her name is Elizabeth O’Bagy, and she works at the Institute for the Study of War. She penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal that has become the basis for the idea that Syria’s rebels are more moderate than jihadist.2013-09-06 01:02:09The Saudis Offered Russia a Secret Oil Deal if it Would Drop Syriahttp://www.factwalk.com/1184Prince Bandar, head of Saudi intelligence, allegedly confronted the Kremlin with a mix of inducements and threats in a bid to break the deadlock over Syria. “Let us examine how to put together a unified Russian-Saudi strategy on the subject of oil. The aim is to agree on the price of oil and production quantities that keep the price stable in global oil markets,” he said at the four-hour meeting with Mr Putin. They met at Mr Putin’s dacha outside Moscow three weeks ago.2013-09-06 01:44:25The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage: How Guest Workers Lower US Wageshttp://www.factwalk.com/1185A battle rages in economic policy circles: Should America make its borders more open to high-tech guest workers, or should we batten the hatches? Even those who oppose totally open immigration often support temporary guest worker visas, known as H-1B work visas, for high-tech. But some oppose them, arguing that -- as in other industries -- workers from abroad undercut the wages of those domestic workers who would otherwise do the jobs here in America.2013-09-06 02:34:14How Modern Economics Is Built On 'The World's Dumbest Idea'http://www.factwalk.com/1186Moving on from the shareholder value theory, which even its foremost exemplar, Jack Welch, has called “the dumbest idea in the world”, will entail re-thinking and re-writing much of the basics of modern economics.2013-09-06 02:48:25Senators who backed Syria resolution got 83 per cent more defense lobby money than those who voted against ithttp://www.factwalk.com/1187Committee members who voted to support the proposal collected an average of $72,850 in defense campaign financing between 2007 and 2012, Wired magazine reported, based on data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.2013-09-06 17:51:31Japan's Debt Problem Visualizedhttp://www.factwalk.com/1188A short, visual explanation of Japan's debt crisis by Addogram.2013-09-06 18:41:05Detroit Owes Over 100,000 Creditors $18.5 Billionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1190The list of those owed includes the names of all of the city’s active employees and its retirees, a list of properties that have tax claims with the city, numerous bondholders, business creditors and companies that insured Detroit debt. The largest creditor is the city's general pension scheme, which is owed $2 billion.2013-09-06 19:46:28In 1960 Detriot Had the Highest Per Capita Income in the UShttp://www.factwalk.com/1191It’s hard to imagine, but up until 1950, Detroit was the fourth biggest city in America. In 1960, it had the highest per-capita income in the U.S.2013-09-06 19:49:4547% of Detroit Residents are Functionally Illiteratehttp://www.factwalk.com/1192According to a new report, 47 percent of Detroiters are ”functionally illiterate.” The alarming new statistics were released by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund.2013-09-06 19:56:2460% of Children in Detroit Are Living in Povertyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1193This represents a 64.7 percent increase in child poverty in the city since 1999. Children account for 194,347 of Detroit’s residents, or 27 percent of the city’s total population.2013-09-06 20:03:20An Immigrant's View of Racism and Demographic Change in Americahttp://www.factwalk.com/1194"The whole world has been hearing about racism in America by American media for decades, and CNN International is constantly telling the world we are racists. So how can America expect the world to be anything but hateful towards the US?"2013-09-06 20:35:32Israel to trade arms for migrants with African countrieshttp://www.factwalk.com/1196Israel is close to signing a deal with several African countries who will accept tens of thousands of African migrants currently residing in Israel in exchange for a benefits package including security, economic and agricultural aid.2013-09-06 21:31:05Pew Research: Demographics play role in Catholic leaders’ push for immigration billhttp://www.factwalk.com/1197Catholic leaders say the Bible’s teachings on social justice are behind their stance on immigration reform, but they also acknowledged to The New York Times that demographics are a factor. About six-in-ten U.S. Hispanics (58%) are Catholic, according to a 2012 Pew Research Center survey. By contrast, about a fifth of the general public is Catholic (22%).2013-09-06 23:40:40Steve McCann: Immigration, Race, and Social Conflicthttp://www.factwalk.com/1200The end product of our current policies will be the continued erosion in the standard of living for the vast majority of Americans for many years to come. This will be a nation in an accelerated decline concomitant with an increasingly restless populace.2013-09-07 20:43:51The STEM Crisis Is a Mythhttp://www.factwalk.com/1202You must have seen the warning a thousand times: Too few young people study scientific or technical subjects, businesses can’t find enough workers in those fields, and the country’s competitive edge is threatened.2013-09-07 20:53:23Ed Driscoll: Two CNNs In Onehttp://www.factwalk.com/1203A full fifteen months after CNN’s audiotape enhancement debunked Zimmerman’s use of the word “coon,” Nancy Grace, the star and face of CNN’s sister network Headline News, is still falsely telling viewers that Zimmerman described Trayvon as a “f**king coon.” Moreover, HLN didn’t even bleep out the phrase.2013-09-07 21:06:08George Soros's Former Chief Strategist Joined Zuckerberg's FWD.ushttp://www.factwalk.com/1204The former chief strategist for left-wing billionaire George Soros has joined Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in an effort to push amnesty for America’s illegal immigrants.2013-09-07 21:21:06Ron Unz: Immigration, the Republicans, and the End of White Americahttp://www.factwalk.com/1205Over the last few years, various demographic projections from the U.S. Census and independent analysts have provided somewhat fluctuating estimates of the date—perhaps 2042 or 2037 or 2050—at which white Americans will become a minority. This represents a remarkable, almost unimaginable, demographic change from our country of the early 1960s, when whites accounted for over 85 percent of the population and seemed likely to remain at that level indefinitely.2013-09-07 21:35:11Six Subtle Ways The News Media Disguises Opinion As Facthttp://www.factwalk.com/1206The article from the humor site Cracked gives a great overview of the dishonest ways the news media can use to sway opinion.2013-09-07 22:15:11A Program to Identify Illegal Immigrant Prisoners in Riverside County Jails Has Been Put on Hold Despite Public Supporthttp://www.factwalk.com/1207"Immigrant Rights" activists have been lobbying the sheriff to pull the department out of the program.2013-09-07 22:23:40LA Times article on the anniversary of the 50th anniversary of MLK speech claimed Democrats 'Led the Passage of Civil Rights Legislation'http://www.factwalk.com/1208"Civil rights legislation of the 1960s was favored more by Republicans than by Democrats, so how did Democrats “lead the passage”? With three reporters contributing to the story – Kathleen Hennessey, Richard Simon, and Alexei Koseff – none of them could locate the actual Sixties voting record as they labored to make the GOP look bad for the Democratic unanimity of the event."2013-09-07 22:53:47The Average Starting Salary for Computer Science Majors Declined 2.5% from 2012 to 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1209As a group, graduates in the computer sciences field saw their overall average starting salary decrease 2.5 percent from $60,038 last year to $58,547 this year.2013-09-08 01:06:45A border patrol agent association claims that there are between 18 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the United Stateshttp://www.factwalk.com/1210The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) believes the current estimate of up to 11 million aliens now residing illegally in the U.S. is a gross underestimate. The more likely figure is 18 – 20 million and rising daily.2013-09-10 22:22:21Michael Rubin: Mexico's Immigration Hypocrisyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1211While the United States has trouble defending—or simply chooses not to defend—its southern border against illegal immigrants, it is not the only country into which illegal immigrants flow. The irony is, however, that while the Mexican government has long chided the United States for supposed illiberalism toward illegal migrants, the Mexican government itself imposes a no-nonsense crackdown on those illegally in Mexico.2013-09-10 22:27:48A Hidden Motive for Heavy Immigration?http://www.factwalk.com/1215It is an undeniable fact that American elites, conservative and liberal alike, are today almost universally in favor of very high levels of immigration, and their possible recognition of the direct demographic impact upon their own urban circumstances may be an important but unspoken factor in shaping their views.2013-09-10 22:48:50Five Immigration Falsehoods from the White Househttp://www.factwalk.com/1216On the White House blog, Cecilia Muñoz, assistant to the President and director of the Domestic Policy Council, laid out the Obama Administration’s take on the benefits of “commonsense immigration reform.” The blog, complete with “fact sheets” and the reposting of an animated video, made numerous claims about what the Senate-passed immigration bill (S. 744) would do for U.S. citizens and immigrants alike. Here is how five of the White House’s latest claims stack up against the facts2013-09-10 23:19:35White House report that amnesty would increase Americans' incomes is based on discredited economic assumptionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1217The White House report asserts that granting citizenship to illegal immigrants would create nearly 2 million new jobs for current citizens over the next decade and boost their income by roughly $130 billion over the same period. These figures are generated by the CAP authors’ Keynesian economic assumptions: The hypothetical increase in the wages of amnesty recipients generates greater consumer demand; this, in turn, “ripples through the economy,” creating new jobs and higher income.2013-09-10 23:40:50Under the immigration reform bill, each current illegal immigrant would receive more than $900,000 in government benefits over his lifetime while paying around $300,000 in taxeshttp://www.factwalk.com/1218Under the Senate-passed amnesty bill (S. 744), each current illegal immigrant would receive more than $900,000 in government benefits over his lifetime while paying around $300,000 in taxes—a net cost of more than $600,000 to taxpayers. Even if the wages of amnesty recipients were to soar by 25 percent, the long-term costs per recipient would be more than $500,000. The overall cost to taxpayers after amnesty, as Heritage has calculated, is likely to exceed $6 trillion.2013-09-11 00:03:26Illegal immigration likely depresses the wages of low-skill workers by 10 percenthttp://www.factwalk.com/1219Illegal immigration appears to depress the wages of low-skill U.S.-born and lawful immigrant workers by 10 percent, or $2,300, per year. Unlawful immigration also probably drives many of our most vulnerable U.S.-born workers out of the labor force entirely.2013-09-11 00:08:04John Hinderaker: Why the Immigration Bill Can't be Fixedhttp://www.factwalk.com/1220This article was written before the bill was finalized but the criticism is still valid.2013-09-11 00:30:22The Immigration Bill is Comprehensively Flawedhttp://www.factwalk.com/1221A list of the numerous flaws in the immigration reform bill. Why is this type of analysis only being done by dedicated citizens and not the press or academics?2013-09-11 00:42:11Mainstream Media Ignores Americans Killed by Illegal Immigrantshttp://www.factwalk.com/1222An illegal alien brutally murdered Laura Wilkerson's 18-year-old son in Texas, tied his body up, and then doused him with gasoline before burning him. Wilkerson recalled the harrowing details on Breitbart News Sunday, yet her story has gone unheard in the broader press.2013-09-11 00:56:1640% Of US Workers Now Earn Less Than 1968 Minimum Wagehttp://www.factwalk.com/1224Are American workers paid enough? That is a topic that is endlessly debated all across this great land of ours. Unfortunately, what pretty much everyone can agree on is that American workers are not making as much as they used to after you account for inflation.2013-09-11 01:23:46Ron Unz: Increase minimum wage to $12 to halt downward spiral of living standards caused by immigrationhttp://www.factwalk.com/1225A proposed solution to many of America’s most serious immigration problems, arguing that a large rise in the federal minimum wage, perhaps to $12.00 per hour, might halt and reverse the downward spiral in American living standards that had partly resulted from the large influx of low-wage labor competition over the previous thirty-odd years.2013-09-11 05:28:51The gulf between the richest one percent and the rest of America is the widest it's been since the 1920shttp://www.factwalk.com/1227The very wealthiest Americans earned more than 19 percent of the country's household income last year - their biggest share since 1928, the year before the stock market crash. And the top 10 percent captured a record 48.2 percent of total earnings last year.2013-09-11 06:37:04Companies lay off thousands, then demand immigration reform for new laborhttp://www.factwalk.com/1228The U.S. unemployment rate is at 7.3 percent, with millions of American workers at all skill levels out of work, and millions more so discouraged that they have left the work force altogether. At the same time the corporate officers seek higher numbers of immigrants, both low-skill and high-skill, many of their companies are laying off thousands of workers.2013-09-11 23:14:52Education Department Using Civil Rights Law to Get More Black Students Into AP Classeshttp://www.factwalk.com/1229African-American high school students were underrepresented in AP and higher level courses, including in all higher level mathematics courses, particularly in calculus and statistics courses.2013-09-11 23:27:44When It Pays Not to Workhttp://www.factwalk.com/1230Lawrence Lindsey, president and chief executive officer of The Lindsey Group, estimates that if the labor force participation rate were the same today as it was before the recession began, the unemployment rate would be 11.2 percent, rather than 7.3 percent.2013-09-11 23:44:56Fewer Americans Pay No Federal Income Taxhttp://www.factwalk.com/1231The percentage of Americans who pay no federal income tax is falling, thanks to an improving economy and the expiration of temporary Great Recession-era tax cuts. In 2009, the Tax Policy Center estimated that 47 percent of households paid no federal income tax. This year, just 43 percent will avoid the tax.2013-09-11 23:55:13The Rise Of The Welfare Statehttp://www.factwalk.com/1232It is interesting to note that while the unemployment rate has been falling, currently at 7.3%, it has not been because of a strongly increasing workforce. Rather it has been a function of people leaving the workforce. This, of course, brings up the obvious question of how these people are living if they aren't working.2013-09-12 00:07:45Laurence Kotlikoff: The US Fiscal Gap Is $200 Trillionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1233"I estimate the US fiscal gap at $200 tn, 17 times the reported $12 tn in official debt in the hands of the public. And this incorporates this year’s tax increases and spending sequestration. What would it take to come up with $200 tn in present value? The answer is tax hikes or spending cuts, or a combination of the two, amounting to 10 percent of GDP, starting immediately and continuing indefinitely. To do so via spending cuts, alone, would require an immediate and permanent 36% cut in all non-interest spending. To do so via tax hikes, alone, would need an immediate and permanent 55% increase in all federal taxes."2013-09-12 00:20:24Gallup: More Americans Struggling to Afford Foodhttp://www.factwalk.com/1234More Americans are struggling to afford food -- nearly as many as did during the recent recession. The 20.0% who reported in August that they have, at times, lacked enough money to buy the food that they or their families needed during the past year, is up from 17.7% in June, and is the highest percentage recorded since October 2011.2013-09-12 19:18:53The average illegal immigrant household costs around $14,387 per year in taxeshttp://www.factwalk.com/1235In 2010, the average unlawful immigrant household received around $24,721 in government benefits and services while paying some $10,334 in taxes.2013-09-12 20:19:35Children of illegal immigrants cost Los Angeles County $54 million a monthhttp://www.factwalk.com/1236The children of undocumented immigrants cost Los Angeles County more than $54 Million in April, Supervisor Mike Antonovich announced. In a press release, Antonovich said that the tally came from figures provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS).2013-09-12 20:34:1421% of US residents (60.6 million) speak a language other than English at home, 43.1% in Californiahttp://www.factwalk.com/1237According to the Census Bureau, of 291.5 million people aged 5 and over, 60.6 million people (21 percent of this population) speak a language other than English at home.2013-09-12 22:09:15Only 28 percent of Americans think the people on Wall Street are as honest and moral as other peoplehttp://www.factwalk.com/1238The September 2013 issue of AEI’s Political Report examines public views of the financial crisis on the fifth anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers. This issue also looks into the growing feelings of economic anxiety following the crash.2013-09-12 23:25:18The Hypocrisy of the Jewish Establishment About Immigration in Western Nationshttp://www.factwalk.com/1239Why aren't the same Jewish leftists who wring their hands and go into hysterics about the policies of gentile leaders are either silent about or openly sympathetic to Bibi's policies? Why can Israel adopt admirably strict measures against mass immigration, but predominantly gentile western societies have to swing open their doors and allow their nations to be flooded by Third World invaders?2013-09-13 01:25:15Gallup: Fewer Americans Than Ever Trust Government to Handle Problemshttp://www.factwalk.com/1240Americans' trust and confidence in the federal government's ability to handle international problems has reached an all-time low, with 49% saying they have a great deal or a fair amount of confidence, two percentage points below the previous low of 51% recorded in 2007.2013-09-13 21:16:16At least 21 journalists have joined the Obama Administration since 2009http://www.factwalk.com/1241"These days, journalists don’t retire, they just join the Obama administration."2013-09-14 03:21:235% of the immigrant sex offenders removed from the US between January and August 2012 were subsequently arrested for another offensehttp://www.factwalk.com/1242Of the 4359 alien sex offenders who were removed from the country between January and August 2012, 220 of them (5 percent) had previously been removed but subsequently returned to the United States and were arrested for another offense.2013-09-14 23:01:08ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders to Comply With Supreme Court Rulinghttp://www.factwalk.com/1243Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released 2,837 convicted criminal alien sex offenders back into American communities in order to comply with a Supreme Court decision authored by Clinton-appointed Justice Stephen Breyer, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).2013-09-14 23:10:03The Remembrance Project is a non-profit organization created to honor the Americans killed by illegal immigrantshttp://www.factwalk.com/1244The Remembrance Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was created in 2009 to honor and remember Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens.2013-09-14 23:15:30The Matthew Shepard False Narrativehttp://www.factwalk.com/1245According to a new book by investigative journalist Stephen Jiminez, almost everything you think you know about the Matthew Shepard narrative is false.2013-09-15 01:10:55Lee Stranahan: Matthew Shepard, Trayvon Martin, Brandon Darby and the power of leftist mythmakinghttp://www.factwalk.com/1248A piece in the gay culture magazine The Advocate by Aaron Hicklin lays out the facts about the Shepherd mythology, but it also contains a line that is the Rosetta Stone to understanding how leftist narrative mythology is so pervasive in both the arts in journalism.2013-09-15 01:24:19The typical American family makes less than it did in 1989http://www.factwalk.com/1249A Census Bureau report reveals that the typical American family now earns less than it did in 1989. In 1989, median household income was $51,681 (in current dollars). In 2012, median household income was $51,017.2013-09-17 18:39:4069% of Americans say large banks and financial institutions have benefited the most from post-recession government policies.http://www.factwalk.com/1250The public sees clear winners and losers as a result of the government’s economic policies following the recession that began in 2008. In the public’s view, the beneficiaries of these policies are large banks and financial institutions, large corporations and wealthy people.2013-09-20 21:24:38"Total Identity Theft" by Illegal Immigrants a Growing Problemhttp://www.factwalk.com/1251When Candida L. Gutierrez's identity was stolen, the thief didn't limit herself to opening fraudulent credit and bank accounts. She assumed Gutierrez's persona completely, using it to get a job, a driver's license, a mortgage and even medical care for the birth of two children. All the while, the crook claimed the real Gutierrez was the one who had stolen her identity.2013-09-20 21:33:07New York Times Editors and Columnists Met With Obama During the Syria Pushhttp://www.factwalk.com/1252On Aug. 29, the president sat down for an off-the-record discussion with Rosenthal and some members of the editorial board, according to sources familiar with the meeting. Times opinion columnists David Brooks, Gail Collins and Ross Douthat also attended, but editors for the paper's news pages did not.2013-09-20 21:39:30New "disparate impact" home-lending regulation will wreak havoc in credit marketshttp://www.factwalk.com/1253"Virtually every lender in the United States could be sued for using non-discriminatory credit standards simply because variations in economic and credit characteristics produce different credit outcomes among racial and ethnic groups."2013-09-20 21:47:20No evidence of a "chilling effect" from local police cooperation with ICE exists in federal or local government data or independent academic researchhttp://www.factwalk.com/1254Bureau of Justice Statistics data show no meaningful differences among ethnic groups in crime reporting. Overall, Hispanics are slightly more likely to report crimes.2013-09-20 22:13:49Washington DC Incomes Soar as Most of U.S. Declineshttp://www.factwalk.com/1255American incomes have tumbled over the last decade. But for many people in Washington, D.C., it’s been something of a party. The income of the typical D.C. household rose 23.3% between 2000 and 20122013-09-21 04:29:46Roy Naim, an illegal immigrant and activist featured in Time Magazine, was arrested for possession of child pornographyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1256Naim was featured in Time magazine in 2012 as part of “We Are Americans,” the magazine’s look into the lives of 35 illegal aliens who are not Americans.2013-09-21 04:40:3448% of US births in 2010 were covered by Medicaidhttp://www.factwalk.com/1257According to researchers from the George Washington University (GWU) School of Public Health, in 2010, almost half of all births in the United States were paid for by Medicaid, and that rate is only going to go up. Medicaid was responsible for 48% of the 3.8 million births in 2010, an increase of 90,000 births from 2008, which was an 8% increase during that period.2013-09-21 04:54:45Illegal immigrants cost LA County taxpayers over $1.6 billion dollars a year, not including education costshttp://www.factwalk.com/1258A projected $650 million in welfare benefits will be distributed to illegal alien parents in 2013, county officials said Monday.2013-09-21 05:07:51Time magazine hides Putin’s success from US votershttp://www.factwalk.com/1259Time magazine’s cover for its Sept. 16 issue features a picture of contented-looking Russian president Vladimir Putin, complete with a black background and a damning caption that declares "America’s weak and waffling, Russia’s rich and resurgent." But Time’s editors are shielding Americans from the demoralizing picture, putting a cheerful, sky-blue photo on the covers of magazines distributed in the United States.2013-09-21 05:15:16The National Labor Relations Board has allied with the Mexican foreign ministry to help illegal immigrants join unionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1260On behalf of the Foreign Ministry, Mexico’s Ambassador in the United States, Eduardo Medina Mora, signed a cooperation agreement with the United States National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the independent agency responsible for safeguarding employees' rights. The agreement promotes and protects the labor rights of Mexican immigrants in the United States, especially the right to free association, regardless of their immigration status.2013-09-21 10:10:26The Sierra Club received over $100 million in donations from David Gelbaum under the condition that they would no longer support limited immigration policieshttp://www.factwalk.com/1261Since 1996, leaders of the Sierra Club have refused to admit that immigration driven, rapid U.S. population growth causes massive environmental problems. And they have refused to acknowledge the need to reduce U.S. immigration levels in order to stabilize the U.S. population and protect our natural resources. Their refusal to do what common sense says is best for the environment was a mystery for nearly a decade.2013-09-24 02:58:01ACORN’s former chief calls for more immigration to boost black power at Congressional Black Caucus conferencehttp://www.factwalk.com/1262ACORN’s former CEO Bertha Lewis urged Africans-Americans to support increased immigration as a strategy to gain political power.2013-09-24 03:20:42White House hides aid for criminals in immigration billhttp://www.factwalk.com/1263The White House is trying to hide unpopular provisions in the Senate’s immigration bill that would allow immigrant criminals to stay in the country and would increase the inflow of low-skill refugees from war-torn countries, says a top White House official.2013-09-24 04:46:20Peter Schiff demolishes the media narrative that Janet Yellen warned about the housing bubblehttp://www.factwalk.com/1265When President Obama nominated Janet Yellen to be the next Chair of the Federal Reserve Board the praise he offered was similar to what had already poured in from around the country. In their assessments of Ms. Yellen's long career, Congressman, editors, and academics have underscored how her prescience and caution distinguish her from the reckless overconfidence that have plagued her male colleagues at the Federal Reserve.2013-10-20 06:51:13Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South and Westhttp://www.factwalk.com/1266A majority of students in public schools throughout the American South and West are low-income for the first time in at least four decades, according to a new study that details a demographic shift with broad implications for the country.2013-10-20 07:13:54IBM settles with U.S. over alleged discrimination in job ads that showed preference for visa holdershttp://www.factwalk.com/1267The U.S. Dept. of Justice and IBM have settled charges the company posted job ads with a preference for visa holders, something the government says is discriminatory. The online job ads for application and software developers included "citizenship status preferences for F-1 and H-1B visa holders," said the Justice Dept., in a statement Friday.2013-10-20 07:55:02Detroit pension trustees spent over $1 billion on "bonuses" to workers, retirees and the city of Detroithttp://www.factwalk.com/1268These “bonuses” were used to lower the contribution the city was required to make, to give retirees a little something extra around Christmas time, and to fund individual savings accounts that workers are offered along with their pensions.2013-10-20 08:28:08Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Commencement Address in 1978http://www.factwalk.com/1270A transcript of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Harvard commencement address given in 1978, “The Exhausted West.”2013-10-21 23:32:58Peter Schiff Was Righthttp://www.factwalk.com/1271Peter Schiff accurately predicted economic events such as the great recession and the lack of Fed tapering in September 2013. He is now predicting economic calamity in the near future.2013-10-22 01:39:20Andrew Breitbart on the media war and Cultural Marxismhttp://www.factwalk.com/1275Beginning with his college years at Tulane University, Breitbart unfolds his gradual awakening to conservativism, which culminates in an embrace of Rush Limbaugh. Taking on the challenge to combat the "Democrat Media Complex" he explains what he is fighting for.2013-10-22 21:04:07Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?http://www.factwalk.com/1277Japan's under-40s appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren't even dating, and increasing numbers can't be bothered with sex. For their government, "celibacy syndrome" is part of a looming national catastrophe.2013-10-22 21:20:45Japan is closing over 400 schools annually due to it's shrinking populationhttp://www.factwalk.com/1278With the continued greying of Japan’s population, as well as the declining birth rate, one of the “victims” of this phenomenon are the schools. Since fewer and fewer babies are being born, it stands that there is no need for some schools. Around 400-500 schools close down annually.2013-10-22 21:30:01Japan’s depopulation time bombhttp://www.factwalk.com/1279It is estimated that Japan’s population in 2040 will stand at 107.276 million, a decline of about 20 million from 2010′s 128.057 million. A January 2012 estimate had shown that in 2060, Japan’s population will number 86.737 million, about 30 percent less from the 2010 level.2013-10-22 21:36:00Peter Schiff demolishes the media narrative that Janet Yellen warned about the housing bubble - Part 2http://www.factwalk.com/1280According to Yellen, highly leveraged, real estate speculation was evidence that there was no housing bubble! That the very products that helped fuel the housing bubble and exacerbate the financial crisis proved that there was nothing to worry about!2013-10-24 00:46:17More than half of Walmart's full-time workers earn less than $25,000 a yearhttp://www.factwalk.com/1281Statistics from Walmart claim that more than 475,000 of its 1 million hourly store employees earn at least $25,000 a year for full-time work. That means as many as 525,000 full-time hourly employees earn less than $25,000 a year.2013-10-25 01:40:54Thomas Sowell: America may be headed for a race warhttp://www.factwalk.com/1282Initial skirmishes in that race war have already begun, and have in fact been going on for some years. But public officials pretend that it is not happening, and the mainstream media seldom publish it at all, except in ways that conceal what is really taking place.2013-10-25 03:31:1449.2% of Americans now receive government benefitshttp://www.factwalk.com/1283In total, the Census Bureau estimated, 151,014,000 Americans out of a population then estimated to be 306,804,000 received benefits from one or more government programs during the last three months of 2011. Those 151,014,000 beneficiaries equaled 49.2 percent of the population.2013-10-25 08:13:52Means-tested government benefit recipients now outnumber full-time workershttp://www.factwalk.com/1284There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said in data released this week. Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, there were 101,716,000 people who worked full-time year round in 2011.2013-10-25 22:44:51Only 5% of Americans think the government will stop illegal immigration if an immigration reform law passeshttp://www.factwalk.com/1286The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 25% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is even somewhat likely that the federal government will actually secure the border and prevent illegal immigration if that’s part of new immigration legislation. Sixty-five percent (65%) consider it unlikely. This includes only five percent (5%) who say the government is Very Likely to secure the border if it’s part of legislation that would give legal status to those already here illegally and 24% who feel it’s Not At All Likely.2013-10-26 00:08:24Detroit pensioners likely to only receive 16 cents on the dollarhttp://www.factwalk.com/1287City financial consultant Kenneth Buckfire said he did not have to recommend to Orr that pensions for the city's retirees be cut as a way to help Detroit navigate through debts and liabilities that total $18.5 billion. Buckfire said it was clear that the city did not have the funds to pay the unsecured pension payouts without cutting them.2013-10-27 23:15:17Sheldon Adelson wants the US to drop a nuclear bomb on Iranhttp://www.factwalk.com/1289American-Jewish billionaire blasts Obama over negotiations with Tehran; says US should show Iran nuclear capabilities.2013-10-27 23:28:38Poll finds evangelical Republican voters want the opposite of what some evangelical leaders are lobbying GOP Representatives to dohttp://www.factwalk.com/1290Billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Robert Murdoch have been sponsoring evangelical lobbyists to persuade Republican U.S. Representatives that the evangelical voters in their political base want comprehensive immigration reform.2013-11-01 06:41:09L.A. fights plague of garbage in central city neighborhoodshttp://www.factwalk.com/1291"What we're trying to do is change the culture of the place," Cedillo said. "To keep people from setting their sofas and mattresses on sidewalks, to stop them from tossing their hot dog and burrito wrappers on the floor."2013-11-01 07:15:47Volunteers pull 769,607 pounds of trash from California waterwayshttp://www.factwalk.com/1292As part of the California Coastal Cleanup effort 65,000 volunteers in California removed 769,607 pounds of debris from waterways.2013-11-01 07:25:08Steve Sailor: Rock climbing and Latino litteringhttp://www.factwalk.com/1293Despite the altruistic efforts of old-timers, like a lot of particularly beautiful places in Southern California, such as Malibu Creek State Park and the upper San Gabriel River, Stoney Point is inundated by the bad habits of picnicking Latin American immigrants and their kids.2013-11-01 07:36:50ABC News poll finds vast gaps in basic views on gender, race, religion and politicshttp://www.factwalk.com/1294An almost unfathomable gap divides public attitudes on basic issues involving gender, race, religion and politics in America, fueled by dramatic ideological and partisan divisions that offer the prospect of more of the bitter political battles that recently played out in Washington.2013-11-01 07:53:48Cathy Reisenwitz: Millennials' Failure To Launch Is A Function Of Poor U.S. Housing Policyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1295Millennials face scarce job prospects, low wages, astronomical student debt, and exploding health insurance costs. But they also face extremely expensive housing. And it’s the result of U.S housing programs and policies aimed at getting more Americans to buy homes and keeping home prices high.2013-11-02 06:00:35Top Obama Donor Gets Paid To Fix Obamacare Website After Screwing It Uphttp://www.factwalk.com/1296A tech firm linked to a campaign-donor crony of President Obama not only got the job to help build the federal health-insurance Web site — but also is getting paid to fix it. Anthony Welters, a top campaign bundler for Obama and frequent White House guest, is the executive vice president of UnitedHealth Group, which owns the software company now at the center of the ObamaCare Web-site fiasco.2013-11-03 00:25:35Is Nelson Mandela a role model or criminal?http://www.factwalk.com/1297This video explores Nelson Mandela's real past.2013-11-04 00:47:33Minority student population in Illinois schools to surpass white studentshttp://www.factwalk.com/1298The newly released 2013 Illinois School Report Card shows total minority enrollment at 49.4 percent, less than a percentage point from a majority, with Latinos leading the increase. In the last 15 years, the state's Hispanic share of public school students has increased by 10 percentage points, to 24.1 percent, a gain attributed to high birth rates and immigration.2013-11-05 00:52:30Soros and Fellow Billionaires for Open Borders Lobby GOP on Amnestyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1299The Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) organized a “fly-in” of some 600 people to lobby House Republicans to pass the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill (which Senator Rubio himself has now disavowed).2013-11-05 01:55:48The top 166 Americans made a total of $16,177,553,041.48 in 2012http://www.factwalk.com/1300According to statistics from the Social Security Administration, 166 Americans made over $50 million in 2012, for a total of $16,177,553,041.48.2013-11-05 02:13:21A record high 91,541,000 Americans did not participate in the labor force in October 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1301According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 932,000 people dropped out of the labor force in September 2013, from at total of 90,609,000 to 91,541,000 in October.2013-11-12 06:07:35Infosys allegedly indulged in blatant violation of US immigration lawshttp://www.factwalk.com/1302Federal prosecutors have alleged that IT major Infosys indulged in blatant violation of immigration laws by not only bringing its employee inside the country on a visa which does not permit work, but also issuing specific directions to its workers to mislead the immigration officials on their point of entry on their nature of work.2013-11-12 06:14:14Billionaire Tom Steyer spent $8 million on Virginia governor's race to "make an exmample" out of Republican Ken Cuccinellihttp://www.factwalk.com/1303The sum is more than three times the investment that’s been previously reported, and it nearly matched what the Republican Governors Association, the largest GOP outside spender, put into the Virginia governor’s race. It is more money, on a per-vote basis, than the famously prolific conservative donors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson spent in the 2012 presidential election.2013-11-12 06:28:169% of Americans have considered quitting their U.S. citizenshiphttp://www.factwalk.com/1304A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 9% of U.S. citizens have considered giving up their American citizenship.2013-11-12 06:43:59Congressional approval sunk to a record low 9% in November 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1305Americans' approval of the way Congress is handling its job has dropped to 9%, the lowest in Gallup's 39-year history of asking the question. The previous low point was 10%, registered twice in 2012.2013-11-13 01:40:10Report: Government Spying Causing Self-Censorship, Privacy Fears Among US Writershttp://www.factwalk.com/1307A new report from the PEN Center and the FDR Group entitled “Chilling Effects: NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to Self-Censor” finds that 85 percent of surveyed writers are worried about government surveillance of Americans, and nearly three-quarters (73 percent) “have never been as worried about privacy rights and freedom of the press as they are today.”2013-11-13 01:59:45Confessions of a Quantitative Easerhttp://www.factwalk.com/1308"I can only say: I'm sorry, America. As a former Federal Reserve official, I was responsible for executing the centerpiece program of the Fed's first plunge into the bond-buying experiment known as quantitative easing. The central bank continues to spin QE as a tool for helping Main Street. But I've come to recognize the program for what it really is: the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time."2013-11-13 02:21:40Judge Rakoff: Why Has Nobody Gone To Jail For The Financial Crisis?http://www.factwalk.com/1309Five years have passed since the onset of what is sometimes called the Great Recession. While the economy has slowly improved, there are still millions of Americans leading lives of quiet desperation: without jobs, without resources, without hope. Who was to blame? Was it simply a result of negligence, of the kind of inordinate risk-taking commonly called a “bubble,” of an imprudent but innocent failure to maintain adequate reserves for a rainy day? Or was it the result, at least in part, of fraudulent practices, of dubious mortgages portrayed as sound risks and packaged into ever-more-esoteric financial instruments, the fundamental weaknesses of which were intentionally obscured?2013-11-13 03:00:33Ron Paul: Chained Consumer Price Index masks inflationhttp://www.factwalk.com/1310Chained CPI is an effort to alter the perceived impact of inflation via the gimmick of “full substitution." This is the assumption that when the price of one consumer product increases, consumers will simply substitute a similar, lower-cost product with no adverse effect. Thus, the government decides your standard of living is not affected if you can no longer afford to eat steak, as long as you can afford to eat hamburger.2013-11-14 20:46:45OpenSecrets: Liberal Dark Money Dominating 2014 Electionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1311Nobody really thought that election-related spending by outside groups -- which totaled $1 billion in the 2012 election cycle, not counting party spending -- would do anything but grow in future elections. But the increase so far in 2013 is surprising even so: Super PACs and politically active nonprofits have spent more than three times their outlays at the same point in the last election -- $20.6 million, up from $6.3 million2013-11-14 20:58:06White Afrikaner group fears genocide upon Mandela’s deathhttp://www.factwalk.com/1312A section of the white population in South Africa is preparing for the worst scenario in case aging former South African President Nelson Mandela passes away. The national evacuation plan over possible genocide was drafted almost a decade ago.2013-11-14 21:27:02Paper: The Liberal Illusion of Uniquenesshttp://www.factwalk.com/1314Two studies demonstrate that liberals underestimate their similarity to other liberals, whereas moderates and conservatives overestimate their similarity to other moderates and conservatives. The studies also demonstrate that a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives in the motivation to feel unique explains this ideological distinction in the accuracy of estimating similarity.2013-11-14 23:29:56Federal Student Loans Surpass $1 Trillionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1315Federal student loans officially crossed the $1 trillion mark in November 2013, with a delinquency rate of 11.83%.2013-11-14 23:41:19Study: Political leaning is half genetichttp://www.factwalk.com/1316A new study provides definitive evidence that heritability plays a significant role in the formation of political ideology, regardless of how ideology is measured, the time period or population sampled.2013-11-15 00:55:01NY Post: The Census Bureau faked the 2012 election jobs reporthttp://www.factwalk.com/1317In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising eyebrows from Wall Street to Washington. The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.2013-11-19 04:36:29Ten building blocks needed for reasoned analysis of immigrationhttp://www.factwalk.com/1318There is a serious technical literature that has studied various aspects of migration but very little of it has found its way into the media; nor has it been fitted together into an analytic whole. Instead, the media have been drowning in advocacy, supported by anecdote, assertion and moralising. As I read and listened, I was struck by the gulf between the strength with which opinions were held and the depth of ignorance on which they managed to remain afloat.2013-12-03 08:13:22Paul Weston: Preventing White Genocidehttp://www.factwalk.com/1319Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB, speaks about the demographic threat facing the British and European peoples.2013-12-03 08:17:16Mainstream media ignores the ugly end of Duke Lacrosse storyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1320Crystal Mangum, the black woman who made false rape allegations against three white lacrosse players at Duke University and caused a national tsunami of media sensation has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend. This story was ignored by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, USA Today, and The Washington Post.2013-12-03 08:29:47Ultra-wealthy hording hundreds of billions of dollars of valuable items in airport "freeports"http://www.factwalk.com/1321The world’s rich are increasingly investing in expensive stuff, and “freeports” such as Luxembourg’s are becoming their repositories of choice. Their attractions are similar to those offered by offshore financial centres: security and confidentiality, not much scrutiny, the ability for owners to hide behind nominees, and an array of tax advantages.2013-12-03 08:53:03Poll finds unprecedented anxiety about jobs and the economy among American workershttp://www.factwalk.com/1322More than six in 10 workers in a recent Washington Post-Miller Center poll worry that they will lose their jobs to the economy, surpassing concerns in more than a dozen surveys dating to the 1970s. Nearly one in three, 32 percent, say they worry “a lot” about losing their jobs, also a record high, according to the joint survey, which explores Americans’ changing definition of success and their confidence in the country’s future.2013-12-03 09:23:01Americans' trust of each other is at an all time lowhttp://www.factwalk.com/1323For four decades, a gut-level ingredient of democracy — trust in the other fellow — has been quietly draining away. These days, only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted. Half felt that way in 1972, when the General Social Survey first asked the question.2013-12-04 04:43:30Puerto Rico is at least $70 billion in debthttp://www.factwalk.com/1324The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is at least $70 billion in debt and has another $37 billion in unfunded pension obligations.2013-12-04 19:38:16You do not want a Winnie Mandela necklacehttp://www.factwalk.com/1325Dr. Peter Hammond reviews the horrific crimes committed by Winnie Mandela and her followers, including the infamous "necklace".2013-12-08 00:58:37A review of the academic literature on immigration and the American workerhttp://www.factwalk.com/1326Economists have long known that immigration redistributes income in the receiving society. Although immigration makes the aggregate economy larger, the actual net benefit accruing to natives is small, equal to an estimated two-tenths of 1 percent of GDP. There is little evidence indicating that immigration (legal and/or illegal) creates large net gains for native-born Americans. Even though the overall net impact on natives is small, this does not mean that the wage losses suffered by some natives or the income gains accruing to other natives are not substantial. Some groups of workers face a great deal of competition from immigrants. These workers are primarily, but by no means exclusively, at the bottom end of the skill distribution, doing low-wage jobs that require modest levels of education.2013-12-08 01:20:36Is President Obama’s push for more H-1B visas payback to the tech companies that got him re-elected?http://www.factwalk.com/1327While the likes of Google and Microsoft have been sounding alarms over a shortage of technical workers, other research indicates that in fact we may have too many college graduates with degrees in science and math. Critics charge that Silicon Valley has promoted the shortage myth to gain support for policies — like those promoted by the president — that ultimately aim to keep a lid on tech pay.2013-12-08 01:31:36Nelson Mandela's true legacy: a failing nation and genocide of the Afrikanershttp://www.factwalk.com/1328Nelson Mandela is dead, and South Africa without “Madiba” will be much the same as it was before: a wreck of a country with slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the slow-motion genocide of Afrikaners.2013-12-08 01:52:13Jeffrey Dorfman: The Democratic Party Is Now The Party Of Big Businesshttp://www.factwalk.com/1329The traditional view of American political parties and their special interest groups is that the Republican Party represents big business and social conservatives while the Democratic Party represents labor unions and the poor. However, evidence suggests that this situation has changed. Labor unions and the poor are still linked with the Democratic Party. Small business is strongly with the Republicans at the moment, thanks to Obamacare, and social conservatives still lean Republican (and certainly not toward the Democrats). However, big business has now aligned itself with the Democratic Party.2013-12-08 02:02:12The false narrative behind 12 Years a Slavehttp://www.factwalk.com/1330The message behind the ongoing enshrinement of the rather amateurish 12 Years a Slave is that the cultural whippings of white folk for the sins of their great-great-great-great-grandfathers will continue until morale improves.2013-12-08 22:55:22South African Communist Party confirmed that Nelson Mandela was a member and part of the Central Executive Committeehttp://www.factwalk.com/1331Former president Nelson Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party’s (SACP’s) central executive committee at the time of his arrest in 1962, the SACP and the African National Congress (ANC). Even though it had always been denied, the ANC and the SACP confirmed that Mr Mandela had served on the party’s central executive committee in their statements paying tribute to the antiapartheid icon.2013-12-08 23:33:17George Gilder on information theory, knowledge and economicshttp://www.factwalk.com/1333George Gilder discusses his conception of knowledge, power, and the economy, as described in his latest book, Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing our World. He argues that a low entropy, or predictable and stable, carrier is required for the emergence of knowledge -- whether it be a fiber optic cable and communication, or a social system governed by the rule of law and economic innovation. Such a social system is not spontaneous, but rather developed through sacrifice and a religious order.2013-12-09 01:48:54Thomas Sowell on Intellectuals and Racehttp://www.factwalk.com/1334Thomas Sowell discusses his newest book, Intellectuals and Race, which argues that the impact of intellectuals' ideas and crusades on the larger society, both past and present, is the ultimate concern.2013-12-09 05:54:15Thomas Sowell on the Vulgar Pride of Intellectualshttp://www.factwalk.com/1336Peter Robinson talks to economist Thomas Sowell about his book "Intellectuals and Society." Robinson and Sowell discuss the fact that intellectuals play a disproportionate role in society, as evidenced by linguist Noam Chomsky's influence on liberal politics. Is a fancy education a high speed rail ticket to fallacy? Find out as Professor Sowell discusses the pride and fallacies of the intellectuals, in addition to the unused brilliance of the masses.2013-12-10 22:07:31Thomas Sowell's personal odyssey from Marxism to free market capitalism, and his experiences at Harvardhttp://www.factwalk.com/1337Uncommon knowledge host Peter Robinson investigates Professor Sowell's journey from Marxism to free market advocacy.2013-12-10 23:09:04Thomas Sowell on Intellectuals and Societyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1338Dr. Sowell discusses why so many disasters of our time have been committed by experts or intellectuals. Examples include FDRs Brain Trust, which according to later studies prolonged the depression by several years, or the "wiz kids" at the pentagon under McNamara who managed to mess up the Vietnam War. There are an impressive list of disasters brought about by people with very high IQs.2013-12-10 23:39:23Charles Murray: White America is Coming Aparthttp://www.factwalk.com/1339Peter Robinson talks to Charles Murray about America's failing civic culture. According to Murray, America's white working class has been "coming apart," and has been since the death of JFK. From the decline of marriage, to the lack of religious participation, to declining labor participation, could white working class men be falling even farther behind white upper class America? And could this change in American culture be exacerbating class differences?2013-12-10 23:42:5537 Reasons Why "The Economic Recovery Of 2013" Is a Liehttp://www.factwalk.com/1340It was announced that the unemployment rate has fallen to "7 percent", and the mainstream media responded with a mix of euphoria and jubilation. For example, one USA Today article declared that "with today's jobs report, one really can say that our long national post-financial crisis nightmare is over." But is that actually the truth?2013-12-11 20:13:04Report: 47% of US jobs are at a high risk of being lost to computerizationhttp://www.factwalk.com/1341Over the past decades, computers have substituted for a number of jobs, including the functions of bookkeepers, cashiers and telephone operators. More recently, the poor performance of labour markets across advanced economies has intensified the debate among economists about technological unemployment. While there is ongoing disagreement about the driving forces behind the persistently high unemployment rates, a number of scholars have pointed at computer-controlled equipment as a possible explanation for recent jobless growth.2013-12-12 01:55:01Study: Differences in educational achievement owe more to genetics than environmenthttp://www.factwalk.com/1343The degree to which students' exam scores differ owes more to their genes than to their teachers, schools or family environments, according to new research from King's College London published in PLOS ONE. The study, which took place in the UK, looked at students' scores for their GCSE's (General Certificate of Secondary Education), a UK-wide examination at the end of compulsory education at 16 years old.2013-12-13 00:20:15Report: Poverty on the rise throughout Southern Californiahttp://www.factwalk.com/1344Poverty is ramping up in Southern California and has risen significantly over the last two decades, according to a report from the Southern California Association of Governments.2013-12-13 22:56:07MIT: Even when test scores go up, some cognitive abilities do nothttp://www.factwalk.com/1345MIT neuroscientists find even high-performing schools don’t influence their students’ abstract reasoning.2013-12-13 23:31:47Warnings about 2014 from a number of financial analystshttp://www.factwalk.com/1346Some of the most respected prognosticators in the financial world are warning that what is coming in 2014 and beyond is going to shake America to the core.2013-12-14 02:22:36What do intelligence researchers really think about intelligence?http://www.factwalk.com/1347There are many reasons for intelligence researchers to keep their opinions to themselves. Intelligence research raises strong emotions, not all of them positive, and a researcher saying the wrong thing in public can lead to disputes, loss of funding, general harassment and sometimes a loss of job. So, when finding out about real opinions, anonymity is required.2013-12-15 22:11:37Rating the quality of intelligence journalismhttp://www.factwalk.com/1348What the experts think of the coverage of intelligence in the public media. Compiled from the results of Rindermann, Coyle and Becker’s survey of intelligence experts presented at the 2013 ISIR conference.2013-12-16 22:10:57Jonathan Haidt: Ideology Is Heritable Yet Societies Can Change Their Views Quicklyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1349The rapid change in the USA on gay marriage has caught many people’s attention, coming at a time when many popular books are saying that political attitudes are to some degree heritable. How can we resolve this apparent contradiction?2013-12-16 22:20:49An interview with Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff on the INFORM Acthttp://www.factwalk.com/1350Boston University Economics Professor, Laurence Kotlikoff, says, “The country is in worse fiscal shape by many miles than Detroit. So, the country is essentially bankrupt.” Dr. Kotlikoff estimates the long term debt and liabilities of America are more than $200 trillion. He is spearheading a bill in Congress called The Inform Act, an attempt to wake up the nation to our dire financial situation.2013-12-18 04:25:5383 Financial Facts From 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1351During 2013, America continued to steadily march down a self-destructive path toward oblivion. As a society, our debt levels are completely and totally out of control. Our financial system has been transformed into the largest casino on the entire planet and our big banks are behaving even more recklessly than they did just before the last financial crisis.2013-12-18 06:13:52Punk Economics: The Kidnapper Wears Pradahttp://www.factwalk.com/1352"Today's ransom is the billions of dollars in the form of QE; today's hostage is the US economy which the kidnappers threaten to kill by a collapse in asset prices if they don't get more and more free money."2013-12-18 23:55:50Pat Buchanan: Is Vladimir Putin a Paleoconservative?http://www.factwalk.com/1353While such a question may be blasphemous in Western circles, consider the content of the Russian president’s state of the nation address. With America clearly in mind, Putin declared, “In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered. They’re now requiring not only the proper acknowledgment of freedom of conscience, political views and private life, but also the mandatory acknowledgment of the equality of good and evil.”2013-12-19 05:25:21Jason Richwine: Why can’t we talk about IQ?http://www.factwalk.com/1354There is a large discrepancy between what educated laypeople believe about cognitive science and what experts actually know. Journalists are steeped in the lay wisdom, so they are repeatedly surprised when someone forthrightly discusses the real science of mental ability.2013-12-19 05:41:28Study: California's "prison realignment" has led to a higher crime ratehttp://www.factwalk.com/1355In 2011 in Brown v. Plata, a 5-4 Supreme Court majority reaffirmed a lower-court mandate that California cut its prison population to 137.5% of “design capacity,” defined as one inmate per cell, which in effect required the state to remove 46,000 criminals. The High Court agreed that the state was providing an unconstitutional level of health care and that the only effective remedy was to remove prisoners.2013-12-19 05:50:06Haaretz: Nelson Mandela received training from the Mossadhttp://www.factwalk.com/1356Israel secretly trained anti-apartheid activists in 'judo, sabotage and weaponry,' including Nelson Mandela himself.2013-12-23 03:24:27Illegal immigration is history's greatest wage suppression toolhttp://www.factwalk.com/1357Children whose fathers have lost their jobs to outsourcing are now themselves competing against in-sourced labor. Invading armies of illegal immigrants who are dotting the landscape of America have surreptitiously been allowed to cross over into our borders. This has been, and continues to be, the largest cause of wage suppression in the country.2013-12-23 03:38:28Report: The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the UShttp://www.factwalk.com/1358Harsh public registration laws often punish youth sex offenders for life and do little to protect public safety. A web of federal and state laws apply to people under 18 who have committed any of a wide range of sex offenses, from the very serious, like rape, to the relatively innocuous, such as public nudity.2013-12-23 03:47:15Thomas Sowell on Economic Facts and Fallacieshttp://www.factwalk.com/1359Peter Robinson speaks with Thomas Sowell about his book Economic Facts and Fallacies in which Sowell exposes some of the most popular fallacies about economic issues. Sowell takes on the conventional thinking on a wide swath of America's economic life, from male-female economic differences to income stagnation, executive pay, and social mobility to economics of higher education.2013-12-23 06:35:10Thomas Sowell on the the reality of multiculturalismhttp://www.factwalk.com/1360Professor Sowell offers his insights and studied opinion on issues of diversity, culture and social justice2013-12-23 06:45:51Thomas Sowell on America's Parallels To Romehttp://www.factwalk.com/1361Signs indicate America has seen its better days. Excerpts from Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson.2013-12-23 06:56:19C. S. Lewis Doodleshttp://www.factwalk.com/1362Animations of selected essays by C.S. Lewis in order to make them easier to understand.2013-12-25 01:56:19Common Core is "the latest educational gimmick" to close the racial achievement gaphttp://www.factwalk.com/1370The CCS is just one more in a long line of schemes cooked up to “close the gaps” and try to improve black and Hispanic school performance. Common Core promises national standards that are “robust,” “real world,” “aligned with college and work expectations,” and “evidence based.” It will use “best practices,” be “internationally benchmarked,” and promises to close the pesky racial achievement gap that 50 years of “best practices” have failed to close.2014-01-07 02:55:2311 Economic Trends That Will Test America's Resiliencehttp://www.factwalk.com/1371Five years into the Obama presidency, the economy is grossly underperforming. Contrary to the dominant media narrative, it's not bad luck or the financial crisis to blame, but bad policies — from the $860 billion "stimulus" that didn't stimulate to the Dodd-Frank financial reform that killed lending.2014-01-07 03:08:2298% of Network News Stories Ignored That Ice-bound Ship Was On Global Warming Missionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1372A group of scientists on a mission to find evidence of global warming had to be rescued when their ship was stranded in Antarctica due to an abnormal amount of ice in the area. Nearly 98% of network news reports about the stranded researchers failed to mention their mission at all.2014-01-07 03:24:04Japan’s population falls by a record 244,000 in 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1373Japan’s population fell by a record 244,000 in 2013, according to health ministry estimates, highlighting concerns over an ever-dwindling workforce supporting a growing number of pensioners.2014-01-07 03:28:18A study that claimed to show that poverty impedes cognitive ability has been debunkedhttp://www.factwalk.com/1374A study that claimed to show that poverty impedes cognitive ability and was the subject of a popular Huffington Post article has been debunked. "A reanalysis without dichotomization of income fails to corroborate their findings and highlights spurious interactions between income and experimental manipulation due to ceiling effects caused by short and easy tests."2014-01-07 03:40:40For the first time in history, most members of Congress are millionaireshttp://www.factwalk.com/1375Of 534 current members of Congress, at least 268 had an average net worth of $1 million or more in 2012, according to disclosures filed last year by all members of Congress and candidates. The median net worth for the 530 current lawmakers who were in Congress as of the May filing deadline was $1,008,767 -- an increase from last year when it was $966,000.2014-01-09 23:53:53BBC's political editor admits they censored criticism of immigrationhttp://www.factwalk.com/1376Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor, has criticised the corporation for making a "terrible mistake" over its coverage of immigration, admitting it censored concerns amid fear they could trigger racism.2014-01-10 06:23:33Thomas Sowell on Race, Poverty and Intellectualshttp://www.factwalk.com/1377Thomas Sowell discusses how intellectuals embrace self-serving assumptions in matters of race and poverty. Peter Robinson (Uncommon Knowledge) is the interviewer.2014-01-10 06:29:01Quotes from "We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism"http://www.factwalk.com/1378With his sardonic humor and use of inconvenient facts John Derbyshire makes the compelling case that the United States (and Western Civilization in general) is doomed.2014-01-13 03:22:01California's New Feudalismhttp://www.factwalk.com/1384Instead of a land of opportunity, California has become increasingly feudal. According to recent census estimates, the state suffers some of the highest levels of inequality in the country. By some estimates, the state’s level of inequality compares with that of such global models as the Dominican Republic, Gambia, and the Republic of the Congo.2014-01-12 23:21:23Quotes from We Are Doomed: Human Naturehttp://www.factwalk.com/1386Quotes from John Derbyshire's "We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism" about human nature.2014-01-15 05:35:41The hate crime hoaxes of 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1388A list of the "hate crimes" popularized by the media that later turned about to be hoaxes in 2013.2014-01-14 23:13:46Study: Mass Shootings Are Not on the Rise in the United Stateshttp://www.factwalk.com/1389Mass shootings have not increased in number or death toll in the past several decades.2014-01-15 05:23:24Jim Cramer: Amnesty Advocates Don't Care About American Workershttp://www.factwalk.com/1390On Meet the Press, CNBC host Jim Cramer suggested that members of the permanent political class that are zealously pushing comprehensive immigration reform do not care about American workers.2014-01-15 05:44:59Financial Times: Puerto Rico will likely default on debthttp://www.factwalk.com/1391The territory’s debt service burden requires it to pay between $3.4bn and $3.8bn each year for the next four years. As doubts grow about the ability of the commonwealth to service that debt, the cost of doing so will inevitably rise. “The numbers are untenable,” said one restructuring adviser. “To issue new debt the yield would have to rise and where they can’t raise new money they will have to stop paying.”2014-01-16 02:07:26Lindsey Graham pushed Fox News president to stifle criticism of the immigration reform billhttp://www.factwalk.com/1392“I met with him at least three to four times in person and talked to him a lot,” Mr. Graham said. He said he and others aggressively courted Mr. Ailes in hopes of toning down what Mr. Graham described as vocal opposition on Fox in the past. “People who observed the debate noticed that the tone was different and not so one-sided. It wasn’t ‘amnesty’ every 15 minutes.”2014-01-16 08:47:15Nigel Farage: "Europe Is Now Run By Big Banks, Big Business, And Big Bureaucrats"http://www.factwalk.com/1393With Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras settling into his role as EU President, UKIP's Nigel Farage stunned the "Goldman Sachs puppet" with a 150-second tirade of truth he has likely never experienced.2014-01-17 06:53:29The employment for black American men was at 65.6% in December 2013, the lowest on recordhttp://www.factwalk.com/1394According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment rate for African Americans in December 2013 dropped to 60.2 percent, the lowest rate since December of 1977. The rate for African American men fell to 65.6 percent, the lowest on record.2014-01-23 04:50:30A Record 20% of American Households Were on Food Stamps in 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1395A record 20% of American households, one in five, were on food stamps in 2013, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).2014-01-23 05:04:25The Dark Enlightenment for Dummieshttp://www.factwalk.com/1397Various mainstream media attacks on the Dark Enlightenment have been written recently. But what is the Dark Enlightenment? This video provides a short introduction.2014-01-23 05:34:20Cash purchases accounted for 29.1% of all U.S. residential sales in 2013http://www.factwalk.com/1398For all of 2013, 29.1 percent of U.S. residential sales were all-cash purchases, but the percentage trended substantially higher in the second half of the year. The 29.1 percent in 2013 was up from 19.4 percent in 2012 and 20.6 percent in 2011.2014-01-23 22:16:13GOP leaders plan to wait until after primary-filing deadlines before introducing immigration legislationhttp://www.factwalk.com/1399House leaders hope to bring legislation to the floor as early as April, the people close to the process said, after the deadline has passed in many states for challengers to file paperwork needed to run for Congress. Republican leaders hope that would diminish chances that a lawmaker's support for immigration bills winds up sparking a primary-election fight.2014-01-26 00:03:23Financial Times: Demand physical delivery of goldhttp://www.factwalk.com/1400One day the ties that bind this pixelated gold may break, with potentially catastrophic results.2014-01-26 06:22:01Working-age people now make up the majority in U.S. households that rely on food stampshttp://www.factwalk.com/1401In a first, working-age people now make up the majority in U.S. households that rely on food stamps - a switch from a few years ago, when children and the elderly were the main recipients.2014-01-28 00:06:36Senator Sessions: Immigration spikes income inequalityhttp://www.factwalk.com/1402In Tuesday's State of the Union address, President Obama is expected to discuss the plight of American workers. At the same time, he is pushing Republicans to pass an immigration plan making the problem worse by increasing the flow of immigrant workers to compete against unemployed Americans and those struggling to get by in low-wage jobs. Yet, alarmingly, the move is regarded as a part of Obama's agenda that has a chance of becoming law.2014-01-30 00:50:17"Immigration and the GOP Agenda" Memo by Senator Jeff Sessionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1403Coordinating with a small group of the nation’s most powerful special interests, last year President Obama and Senate Democrats forced through an immigration bill which can only be described as a hammer blow to the American middle class. Not only would it grant work permits to millions of illegal immigrants at a time of record joblessness, it would also double the annual flow of new immigrant workers and provide green cards to more than 30 million permanent residents over the next decade.2014-01-30 22:49:43"Myth v. Fact" Memo on Immigration Reform by Senator Jeff Sessionshttp://www.factwalk.com/1404Senator Sessions’ office hand-delivered a four-piece packet to House members that included a “Myth vs. Fact” document on immigration talking points to prepare them to fight back against immigration proposals Speaker John Boehner is expected to push in a closed-door meeting.2014-01-31 02:16:05The Israel Lobbyhttp://www.factwalk.com/1405For the past several decades, and especially since the Six-Day War in 1967, the centrepiece of US Middle Eastern policy has been its relationship with Israel. The combination of unwavering support for Israel and the related effort to spread ‘democracy’ throughout the region has inflamed Arab and Islamic opinion and jeopardised not only US security but that of much of the rest of the world. The thrust of US policy in the region derives almost entirely from domestic politics, and especially the activities of the ‘Israel Lobby’.2014-02-06 17:00:13More economic warnings for 2014http://www.factwalk.com/1406If our economic troubles continue to mount, could we be facing a global "financial avalanche" fairly quickly? That is what some very prominent analysts believe.2014-02-06 17:15:05National Review Online: Stop Illegals, Save CAhttp://www.factwalk.com/1407California's financial unraveling has prompted a long-overdue debate about taxes, regulation, and government spending, but the state's media and government continue to ignore what could be an even greater problem: the irreparable damage to California's human capital that nearly 30 years of unrestrained illegal immigration has achieved.2014-02-06 17:26:3928 Signs That The Middle Class Is Heading Towards Extinctionhttp://www.factwalk.com/1408The death of the middle class in America has become so painfully obvious that now even the New York Times is doing stories about it. Millions of middle class jobs have disappeared, incomes are steadily decreasing, the rate of home ownership has declined for eight years in a row and U.S. consumers have accumulated record-setting levels of debt. Being independent is at the heart of what it means to be "middle class", and unfortunately the percentage of Americans that are able to take care of themselves without government assistance continues to decline. In fact, the percentage of Americans that are receiving government assistance is now at an all-time record high.2014-02-07 17:54:50Peter Schiff: The Truth Behind my Daily Show Interviewhttp://www.factwalk.com/1409Peter Schiff's Daily Show interview was edited in order to create a false impression of his arguments about minimum wage. They took four hours of footage and and strung together several out of context statements to create a 70 second smear campaign.2014-02-08 17:58:31ZeroHedge: Real unemployment rate was 11.1% for January 2014 (6.6% is the official figure)http://www.factwalk.com/1410Between October 2009 and January 2014, the civilian, non-institutional population rose by 10.4 million, to be expected considering the far greater general population of the US - it is also a number which, on average, increases by about 230K or so every month. So what about the labor force? It is here that things get zany, because it is here that the Obama Recovery has somehow only managed to add a paltry 1.7 million people to the workforce: from 153.8 million to 155.5 million!2014-02-08 21:32:25Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About Karl Marxhttp://www.factwalk.com/1411Karl Heinrich Marx is known as a German philosopher, economist and revolutionary socialist. How did the man who railed against economic and sexual exploitation treat those around him? What is the truth about Karl Marx?2014-02-10 18:46:05A Decade of Illegal Conduct by JP Morgan Chasehttp://www.factwalk.com/1412A summary of known illegal activity by JP Morgan chase over the last 10 years.2014-02-10 18:56:30