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About Factwalk

The Internet has changed the way that many of us consume news and information. Independent websites, blogs and social media now provide a much needed alternative to mainstream media narratives. Even though amazing achievements have been made in how we communicate, we still lack the tools to enable the average person to share information that can easily be found by a global audience. A brilliant piece of analysis may be written by a blogger and never seen by more than a few people, or facts about a controversial topic may be available on a website that few know about. Wikipedia and other collaborative sites are limited in scope and information may be censored or deemed unimportant and deleted.

The goal of Factwalk is to enable anyone to share facts and information on any topic with the world, and to help others interested in that topic find that information. The design of Factwalk is unlike any current website (that we know of). Factwalk was created to serve as a modern day commonplace book for facts and information where each user has full control of their own content, and the ability to copy and reorganize content from other users that they find interesting or useful. They can then share that content with the public.

A piece of information added to Factwalk is called a brick. It can contain any type of information. Each brick contains a list of references so that factual information can be verified by the reader. Bricks are organized into trails. A trail may contain bricks from any user and may also contain other trails. Trails allow you organize relevant information on a subject by combining new and existing information. Each user has their own webpage where their trails are listed. Bricks and trails can be published to a topic so that others can easily locate that information through the topic directory.

Factwalk is a new website and we are still working out the bugs and adding features. We welcome any feedback and feature requests.

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