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Jim Cramer: Amnesty Advocates Don't Care About American Workers

Posted on 15-Jan-2014
Topics: Effects of Immigration on American Workers  

From Breitbart:

On†Meet the Press†Sunday, CNBC host Jim Cramer suggested that members of the permanent political class that are zealously pushing comprehensive immigration reform do not care about American workers. †

"David, don't you find it interesting that the dogma is now post-Clinton, pro-immigration at a time when we have a much larger supply of labor than we need, and pro free trade,"Cramer said on†Meet The Press†to host David Gregory. "Even though we are supposed to be greenhouse gas-oriented, we know where those jobs go. Those jobs leave this country to countries that can pollute all they want. Iíve always wanted to know why the Democrats didnít say, 'You know what, we need the defense against the countries that take our jobs and pollute all over.'"

"But we don't care about that. What we care about is when workers come to this country from other countries they get jobs. Why don't we care more about our people?" asked Cramer.

Gregory, who has been criticized for being a†mouthpiece for Washington's permanent political class, immediately changed the subject to discuss the stock market.

"Let me move on and turn the page here with just a matter of remaining time, the stock market," Gregory said. "How bullish are you in 2014?"

The Congressional Budget Office determined†that comprehensive immigration reform, which includes more ways for foreign workers to flood the labor market in addition to amnesty for all of the country's illegal immigrants, would lower the wages of American workers.


[1] "Jim Cramer: Amnesty Advocates Don't Care About American Workers", Tony Lee, Breitbart, 7-Jan-2014

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