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The National Labor Relations Board has allied with the Mexican foreign ministry to help illegal immigrants join unions

Posted on 21-Sep-2013
Topics: Effects of Immigration on American Workers  

Press Release:

On behalf of the Foreign Ministry, Mexico’s Ambassador in the United States, Eduardo Medina Mora, signed a cooperation agreement with the United States National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the independent agency responsible for safeguarding employees' rights. The NLRB was represented by Mark Pearce, Chairman of the Board, and Lafe Solomon, Acting General Counsel.

The agreement promotes and protects the labor rights of Mexican immigrants in the United States, especially the right to free association, regardless of their immigration status. Under this agreement, the Mexican consulates and the NLRB will take joint steps to inform Mexican workers of their right to join or be part of a union, elect a representative to negotiate on their behalf with employers, and work with other employees for their benefit and protection. It formalizes the relationship forged at the local level due to the work of the Mexican consulates.

The agreement also increases ways in which possible violations of migrants’ job rights can be investigated and, if applicable, corrected. The Mexican Government’s ability to inform and protect its citizens in the United States will be strengthened.

The signing ceremony was broadcasted simultaneously in the NLRB’s regional offices in the United States. In 20 cities, Mexican consuls were also present.


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