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At least 21 journalists have joined the Obama Administration since 2009

Posted on 14-Sep-2013
Topics: Bias and Corruption in the News Media  

From The Atlantic Wire:

Time managing editor Rick Stengel is leaving journalism to go work for the State Department, making him at least the 21st reporter to go to work for the Obama administration. Stengel will be the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Politico and Capital New York report. The last high-profile journalist to leave Time for the Obama administration is Jay Carney, who is currently White House press secretary.

From The Daily Best:

These days, journalists donít retire, they just join the Obama administration.

As Capital New York reported on Thursday, Time managing editor Rick Stengel is leaving the venerable newsweekly to become under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs. This is not the first foray into politics for Stengel, who has been the top editor at Time since 2006. He spent a year as a speechwriter on Bill Bradleyís presidential campaign in 1999Ė2000.

But it is the latest example in a growing trend of the White House reaching out to hire journalists. According to one count, at least 15 journalists have joined the Obama administration since 2009.



From News Busters:

But rather than see a problem with the liberal media-Democratic administration revolving door, Jacobs's story was decidedly matter-of-fact. Indeed, he portrayed it more as the president "reaching out to journalists" rather than servile liberal scribes clamoring to jump aboard the Obama train and being received happily by the administration. What's more, as an excuse that "both sides do it," Jacobs closed by noting that the late Tony Snow is an example of the politics-journalism revolving door being a centuries-old bipartisan tradition.

Of course, in the mid-1800s, most newspapers were political party organs, so the Nicolay comparison is suspect. And Snow's journalistic work prior to the Bush administration was largely editorial in nature, excepting of course Fox News Sunday. What's more, the fact that Jacobs could only point to one major journalist having joined the Bush administration -- compared to "at least 15 journalists," six of which he profiled -- speaks volumes.


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