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Gallup: More Americans Struggling to Afford Food

Posted on 12-Sep-2013
Topics: Economic Warnings  

From Gallup:

More Americans are struggling to afford food -- nearly as many as did during the recent recession. The 20.0% who reported in August that they have, at times, lacked enough money to buy the food that they or their families needed during the past year, is up from 17.7% in June, and is the highest percentage recorded since October 2011. The percentage who struggle to afford food now is close to the peak of 20.4% measured in November 2008, as the global economic crisis unfolded.

Americans' ability to consistently afford food has not yet recovered to the pre-recession levels seen in January through April 2008, when less than 17% in the U.S. reported that they had problems affording food in the past year.

This is only the third time in 68 successive months of Gallup and Healthways' tracking, which began in January 2008, that at least 20% of Americans said they struggled to afford food in the past year.

Americans' Access to Basic Needs Hovers Near Record-Low

Americans remain as likely to have access to basic necessities in general now as they were in October 2011, when it was at its lowest point. The Basic Access Index, which includes 13 questions about topics including Americans' ability to afford food, housing, and healthcare, was 81.4 in August, on par with the all-time low of 81.2 recorded in October 2011.



[1] "More Americans Struggle to Afford Food", Alyssa Brown, Gallup, 12-Sep-2013

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