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News Media Overestimated Number of Hispanic Voters in 2012 Election by 19%

Posted on 14-Jul-2013. Updated on 05-Sep-2013.
Topics: Bias and Corruption in the News Media  

A popular media narrative since the 2012 election has been that Latinos concerned about immigration reform voted in record numbers and helped lead Obama to victory. Because of this rising tide of Latino voters, Republicans must quickly pass an immigration reform bill if they want to survive.

It now turns out that the exit poll data this narrative is based on may have grossly overestimated the number of Latino voters. According to the Census Bureau, Latinos made up only 8.4% of voters; not the 10% hyped by the media. There was actually less turnout by Latino voters than in the 2004 and 2008 elections.

This information was first reported by Internet journalist Steve Sailor on June 2, 2013 but has unsurprisingly not changed the false media narrative about Latinos demanding immigration reform.


[1] "The Diversifying Electorate—Voting Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin in 2012 (and Other Recent Elections)", Thom File, U.S. Census Bureau, May 2013

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