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Ed Driscoll: Studying the Washington Post Kremlinologist-Style

Posted on 06-Jul-2013. Updated on 05-Sep-2013.
Topics: Bias and Corruption in the News Media  

From Through a Gimlet Eye: Studying the Washington Post Kremlinologist-Style, by Ed Driscoll (article has links for each point):

During the Cold War, back when Russian spies typically looked far more like Boris than Natasha, not to mention Anna Chapman, the phrase “Kremlinologist” came into vogue to describe those men who could study photos and snippets of information emerging from behind the Iron Curtain and attempt to determine the current health of the Soviet Union, and who was running the show.

So let’s employ a little Kremlinology to try and ascertain the health of the Washington Post. Or even a little Nixonology — a modern-day equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein (or at least how they were presented to the public in the form of Redford and Hoffman) would have lots of fun tying together all of the strange stories that have circulated recently from the former home of Ben Bradlee and Katharine Graham:

Michael Walsh of Big Journalism recently called the Washington Post “deeply compromised.” Which if anything may be understating the situation: add all of the above stories together, and then add the JournoList scandal on top of all of them, and then imagine what it must be like inside of the Post’s offices every day.

And then imagine how the paper itself would describe such a scandal if it were occurring at, say, Citibank, or the Union Pacific Railroad, or General Motors — at least before that last corporate institution became almost as much a de facto wing of the federal government as the Post itself.


[1] "Through a Gimlet Eye: Studying the Washington Post Kremlinologist-Style", Ed Driscoll, PJ Media, 11-July-2010

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