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Wealthy Liberal Donors Push Immigration Reform

Posted on 06-Jul-2013. Updated on 05-Sep-2013.
Topics: Immigration Reform Lobby  

WASHINGTON An influential network of some of the country's wealthiest liberal political donors is steering resources to an advocacy group backing President Obama's agenda and to organizations working to pass immigration reform, providing a surge of money that could boost the president's legislative goals.

Democracy Alliance, an invitation-only group that makes funding recommendations to its members, selected the pro-Obama Organizing for Action and immigration reform groups such as the National Immigration Forum as some of its top 2013 priorities at its spring conference in Laguna Beach last week, according to leaders of the organization.

The group has a low profile but carries significant sway on the left, with deep-pocketed members that include billionaire investor George Soros and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

The endorsement could deliver a cash infusion for Organizing for Action, a nonprofit group formed by the president's top political aides that has been pressing for Congress to pass a universal background check for gun buyers, among other issues. After setting a goal to raise $50 million this year, it brought in less than $5 million in the first quarter.

The nod from the network will allow immigration reform advocates to step up lobbying and media campaigns to push a bipartisan bill in the Senate.


[1] "Rich liberal donors throw weight behind Obama agenda", Matea Gold, The Los Angeles Times, 4-May-2013

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